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GTSG Services

As you might imagine, it's tough to document every service that we can provide.  What we have done here however, is to put out in front of you the offerings and services that we provide on a regular and consistent basis. 

Our service offerings generally fall in to two categories.  The first is the Strategy & Design category and the second is the Tactical category.

Strategy & Design Service Offerings

  • Data Center Strategy - This offering deals with the relocation, consolidation, or net-new addition of data centers into the corporate technology environment.  Drivers often include the need for increased resiliency, shareholder pressures, regulatory issues, or acquisition/divestiture activities.
  • IT Optimization (ITO) and Operational Efficiency - This broad offering encompasses activities directed at a single technology domain (as in the case of server consolidation and server virtualization) or those targeting the entire enterprise (as in the case of platform-wide ITO).
  • Application Decomposition - This multi-purpose offering is used in either a standalone fashion or combined with other offerings like Server Consolidation or Data Center Strategy.  In either case, this offering maps the touch points of a specific application, application system, line of business, business function, or entire application portfolio.  These touch points are discovered, documented, and vetted - with the end result being a repository of detailed information that shows horizontal (application-to-application) and vertical (application-to-infrastructure component) dependencies.  Depending upon the context of the engagement, this information is then used to formulate affinity groups, isolate the least resilient component in the application flow, identify the requirements that must be provisioned for a divestiture, etc.

Tactical Service Offerings

  • Performance and Workload Management - This offering deals with reducing the amount of computing resource (CPU, Storage, Network, Memory, people) required to process given workloads.  In addition to resource consumption reduction, this offering focuses on ensuring SLAs are achieved through a proper balance of resource allocation.
  • Outsourcing / Out-tasking - This offering addresses the common trend to have selective activities performed by a team devoted to this activity.  Every organization has a core competency - Outsourcing specific activities allow your company to do what it does best and let us handle the Outsource - which is one of our core competencies.
  • Software migrations - This offering is typically performed as part of a larger cost savings initiative and often involves a competitive displacement of a multi-vendor software solution by a single vendor solutions.  We often engage directly with you, our client, and secure the services of select organizations that have unique automated software migration tools.
  • Network Services - This technology domain-based offering encompasses network design, implementation services, managed (VPN, MPLS, Systems Management, etc) services, private bandwidth, co-location services, and more.  GTSG partners with numerous carriers and co-lo providers to gain efficiencies and data center diversity.