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Published Articles and Interesting Links

When we come across something that we feel might be of interest to clients or consultants, we will often update this page with a link to the content.  In many cases, this will be information published by GTSG that we want to make available in a central location.

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  • A different perspective on Data Center Relocation and Consolidation - and who owns the problem
    Take a look at this objective view on what is at stake when an organization undertakes a data center relocation or consolidation.
  • Colocation and the Edge Data Center
    The future is now and is bringing with it a new way to think about the role of colocation and the role of the Edge Data Center. This paper addresses the question of need and suitability.
  • Gartner DCIO Conference Summary
    If you missed the Gartner DCIO Conference in Vegas this month, feel free to review our high-level summary of key themes.
  • Explore GTSG Mainframe Concierge Services
    Have you ever had a mainframe job - or problem - and felt you needed quick access to specific subject matter expertise? If so, our Mainframe Concierge Services were designed with that in mind. Easy to sign up for; easy to use; spans nearly all mainframe technology towers.
  • Get the straight answer to the Mainframe TCO question
    Every vendor has their interests, whether in the mainframe and/or distributed worlds, and yes, that includes us. Incentives such as discounted hardware, additional software, and even professional services may make it difficult for them to be perceived as putting together an objective and unbiased case. It’s a matter of perception: will your management team perceive a view from a vendor as being truly independent and in your best interests?
  • Let GTSG train your (new) Systems Programmers
    If you’re among the 85% worried that the mainframe skills gap grows wider by the day, or the 52% worried about systems programmers, read what GTSG is doing to enable the next generation to support the entire mainframe enterprise. Call us and let us discuss the options we have to train new or existing staff as a Systems Programmer at the same time we're doing productive project-based work.
  • GTSG at Share - Orlando 2015
    Our first time as an Exhibitor at Share - check out our booth where we had great fun meeting one of the largest crowds in recent Share history. We had a great time with the attendees and exhibitors - there was always something going on.  Make some new friends and established some new partnerships.  If you've never been - it's a great experience. 
  • GTSG Approach to Mainframe Cost Takeout
    When you spend as much time as we do on the mainframe, you’re going to be asked- every day- about how to run it more efficiently from a cost perspective.  We get that question – a lot.  This is an overview of our approach when we’re asked the question
  • Mainframe Staff Challenges
    Efficiently staffing the zSeries environment is difficult enough, but customers in a sub-2000 MIPS environment have a special set of challenges when it comes to running a cost-optimized operation
  • GTSG Mainframe Staffing Solutions
    If you're worried about sustaining your mainframe skills in the face of retirement, announced sunset dates, or the inability to attract or retain talent, you'll want to read this overview of how we provide diverse solutions for the mainframe skill shortage
  • GTSG Named To CRN Solution Provider 500
    We're proud to announce that GTSG has been named to the 2015 CRN Solution Provider 500 list
  • GTSG Mainframe Performance Optimization
    Check out our holistic approach to Tuning, Workload Management and Capacity Management to achieve efficient cost savings for the mainframe platform
  • IBM Redbooks
    Yeah, we know - but there are actually some folks out there that don't know about IBM Redbooks.  For those of you who live by these, you should consider a residency - it's a great experience